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Traders 4 Traders app live on the app store

23 September

It’s been a long way coming but today we are happy to announce the release of our latest app into the store. The Traders 4 Traders guys approached us about 3 months ago with the idea of wanting to provide up to date currency trading views and analysis to their customers on the go. We […]

How-to: finding and replacing strings within a string in Objective-C

07 August

A few weeks ago someone posted a pretty interesting question on SO and I decided to have a crack to see how far I could get. In a nutshell, the OP was looking for an efficient way of finding and replacing URLs in an NSString, and possible use the same method to filter out rude […]

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How-to: capture touches on the iPhone status bar

11 March

Not many users are aware of it, but if you tap the status bar when scrolling through tableviews, scrollviews and webviews, the device will automatically scroll your view all the way back to the top. This is a very convenient piece of functionality when browsing long, vertical pages, or scrolling through tableviews with a large […]

Code snippet: how to get a screenshot of a UIView

10 February

Here’s something that could be useful if you’re trying to find a simple way of passing any UIView (and its subviews) as a UIImage – literally taking a screenshot of whatever is on that view: Found and slightly adapted from here [objc] + (UIImage *)captureView:(UIView *)view withArea:(CGRect)screenRect { UIGraphicsBeginImageContext(screenRect.size); CGContextRef ctx = UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext(); [[UIColor blackColor] […]